Years 5 & 6

Termly Plan for Parents

Term : Spring 2020

Main topics for this term: Wonders of the World

Welsh, English - Write and perform a vlog to be recorded on green screen.
Ysgrifennu ymson cymeriad o Hanes a cherdd ‘Hunllef’ ar gyfer Eisteddfod yr Ysgol / Write a soliloquy and poem (in Welsh) for the school Eisteddfod. Gwaith ymchwil Rhyfeddodau Cymru a’r Byd / Research Wonders of Wales and the World.

Story: Stories of King Arthur, Myths and Legends of Wales.

Mathematics- Symmetry and Reflections, Angles, Tessilation, 2D and 3D Shapes, Nets, Data Handling, Area and Perimeter, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, Ratio and Proportion.

Science- Space and the planets in our Solar System. The effect of humans on the environment. What is waste? What can be recycled? How are materials formed?

Humanities- Locate The Ancient and Modern Wonders of the World, Natural Wonders of the World and Wonders of Wales on a map. Study the River Nile and compare lengths of world rivers.

Design and Technology- Create models based on topic work. Design and evaluate an Islamic prayer mat.

Art- Work on the Urdd theme ‘Summit to Shore’, 2D drawing using a variety of techniques, design a skateboard.

Music- Prepare performances for the Urdd and school Eisteddfod, sing songs about our topic ‘Wonders of the World’, play the recorder and compose a jingle for an advert.

Religious Education- Islamic Religion – Places of worship, Mosque, Mecca, Five Pillars.

Physical Education: Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball.
Physical Education on a Thursday.
Keep fit sessions in Plas Madog every 3 weeks on a Wednesday.
Year 5 will take part in a New Dance workshop.
Class: Mrs. Manon Williams - Swimming on Tuesday 7th January for 5 weeks.
IMPORTANT – Suitable clothing is required for Physical Education activities (T/polo shirt, blue or black shorts, suitable footwear / trainers or pumps).

Regular reading and activities based on topic / class work.

Homework is given at the end of the week. Your child is expected to return the homework on Monday/Tuesday.

Helping your child:
Reading to and with your child.
Practice multiplication tables (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 up to x10).
Support with homework activities.

Morning Snack:
Your child may bring a healthy snack for break time. Crisps, sweets and chocolate are not permitted. Fruit can be bought for 20p a day or £1 a week.

If you are unsure about anything, please ask your child’s class teacher. Thank you.



Parch. Cymraeg. Ein Gorau.

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