Years 3 & 4

Termly Plan for Parents

Term: 2

Main topics for this term
‘Health and wellbeing’ is our theme for this term. We will look at the health and wellbeing of children, adults and animals. We will look at how things can affect our lives, health and habitats in both positive and negative ways. We hope to celebrate our work at the end of the term with a ‘Wellbeing day’.

Language: As part of our theme, we will be writing a newspaper report about an environmental issue, write as a tour guide and create a description of an animal.

Mathematics: We will be looking at using time, addition and subtraction with money, developing multiplication, analysing data and measuring as some of our main objectives this term.

Science: We will be studying units on the human body and recycling.

Humanities: We will be comparing how day to day lives differ from different historical periods, different countries and in different religions.

Design and technology: We will be studying units on modelling in our ‘health and wellbeing’ theme by creating a zoo. We will also be creating a healthy recipe.

Art and design: We will be studying units on creative work with our ‘health and wellbeing’ theme by creating a collage and posters.

Music: We will be preparing for the school and Urdd Eisteddfod. We will be playing the recorder and creating a rap about healthy eating.

ICT: We will use ipads for data handling and measuring.

Physical Education:
Please bring PE kits on Mondays and Wednesdays.
IMPORTANT: Suitable clothing is required for Physical Education activities (blue Tshirt/polo, black shorts and suitable trainers or pumps).

- Regular reading.
Weekly activities based on topic or class work.

Homework is given at the end of the week and is expected back the following Monday/Tuesday.

Helping your child:
- Reading to and with your child.
- Practice the 2,3,4,5,6 and 10 multiplication tables.
- Support with homework activities.

Morning snack:
Your child may bring a healthy snack for break time. Crisps, sweets and chocolate are not permitted. A morning snack can be bought in school for 20p a day.

If you are unsure about anything, please ask your child’s teacher.



Parch. Cymraeg. Ein Gorau.

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